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What happens if your workers' compensation claim is denied

Injured workers depend on the benefits available through workers' compensation to help them treat and recover from their injuries. These benefits cover a portion of a person's wages and medical expenses related to an injury, so collecting them is often essential. However, securing workers' compensation can be more complicated than people expect.

Unfortunately, many workers' compensation claims are at risk of being denied initially. In a previous post on our blog, we examined some of the common reasons why this can and does happen. In this post, we will look at what options you have if this happens to you.

Getting out of the rough after a golf cart accident

You don’t have to be a seasoned golfer to be familiar with operating a golf cart. In fact, people all across South Carolina prefer this mode of transportation to cars and trucks simply as a way to get around. Whether you use a cart to go visit neighbors or get to the next hole on the course, however, you would be wise to take safe golf cart operation seriously.

As is the case with any motorized vehicle, golf carts can put drivers, passengers and bystanders in danger if they are unsafe. Carts can be unsafe in a few different ways, which we will look at in this post.

Which parties can be held accountable for DUI accidents?

We all know that drunk driving is dangerous and illegal. It seems obvious, then, that a drunk driver should be held accountable for any damages he or she causes in an accident. However, the driver is not necessarily the only person liable for these crashes.

In South Carolina, a person or establishment that serves a driver too much alcohol could also be named in a civil claim in accordance with the state's recognition of dram shop liability. And despite efforts to improve training for workers in the service industry, none have been approved and dram shop liability claims continue to increase across the state.

4 common types of injuries suffered in motorcycle crashes

Readers of this blog should be aware of the tragic consequences that can be suffered in an accident involving a motorcycle. Because motorcycles are smaller than cars and trucks, and because riders are more vulnerable to the elements, motorcyclists can be severely injured or even killed when they are in an accident.

Below are four types of the most common injuries riders suffer. As you should see, they are all very serious and could result in life-changing or fatal consequences for a rider.

Food service workers and meat slicer injuries

Food service workers can encounter many potential safety risks on the job. Some of these risks come from the machinery they use. One of the potentially dangerous pieces of equipment used in food service jobs are electric meat slicers. Such devices are a common sight in a wide range of food service workplaces, including restaurants, grocery stores and delis.

Meat slicers are behind quite a few food service worker injuries. According to federal government estimates, in 2013, around 4,000 U.S. workplace incidents that led to missed days of work involved such slicers. Examples of significant injuries that can come from slicer accidents include amputations and severe cuts.

Could limiting truck speeds reduce crashes?

In our last post, we discussed the fact that the number of fatal accidents involving trucks increased in the U.S. last year. We also discussed the fact that despite various efforts to curb certain dangerous driving habits, people were still engaged in them and getting into accidents with commercial trucks, often to the detriment of people other than the trucker. 

Recently, yet another proposal was made to try to reduce the number of accidents involving trucks, but it is proving to be a fairly divisive solution. According to reports, the U.S. Department of Transportation wants trucks to be equipped with speed limiting devices to keep them from going too fast.

Disappointing report from NHTSA highlights trucking risks

It should not come as a surprise to our readers that trucking accidents are among the most catastrophic crashes on Columbia roads and highways. Over the years, efforts have been made to reduce these crashes, from marketing and educational campaigns to stricter regulations and more aggressive compliance checks. 

Unfortunately, these efforts are not having the intended impact, according to a recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to the report, fatalities stemming from crashes involving trucks actually increased by 4.4 percent last year.

Why you should consult an attorney after a work accident

Readers of this blog should be aware of the fact that most workers in South Carolina are covered by workers' compensation insurance.

However, because there is a pretty straightforward system in place for workers' compensation, people often believe that all they need to do is file some paperwork and wait for the checks to start coming. Unfortunately, there are many complications that can and do arise when a person is navigating this system, which is why it can be wise to have legal representation by your side.

Driving under the influence of age

When you think about the type of driver who might pose a threat to others on the road, you might find yourself thinking about teen drivers. After all, they are novice drivers with less experience who are known for taking risks, making bad decisions and easily getting distracted by the people and activities around them.

However, elderly drivers can also pose a serious threat to other motorists. In many ways, one might argue that a senior driver can be more dangerous than a novice driver. 

Can I still recover damages if I was at fault in a car crash?

A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye. In that moment, you can go from having complete control of your vehicle to being injured in your wrecked, disabled car. However, while it may only take a second or two to get into an accident, there is often a lot that can happen during that time, and a lot of mistakes that can be made.

As you think about an accident and discuss it with police and/or insurance agents,  you may be worried that you could miss out on much needed damages if you admit to making any mistakes that contributed to the crash. However, you should know that in South Carolina, you can be partially at fault for an accident and still collect damages.