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Highway patrol cruiser rear-ended by man's car west of Columbia

Car accidents are a common problem in Columbia and Richland County, South Carolina. To prevent this type of accident as well as offering help when it occurs, the South Carolina Highway Patrol's presence is very visible on streets and highways. However, in a somewhat ironic turn of events, it was the highway patrol that was on the receiving end of a recent car accident.

In Lexington, several miles west of Columbia, a 39-year-old man struck the back of a South Carolina Highway Patrol cruiser. The incident happened at around 2:15 am while the patrol car was traveling east of an interchange when it was suddenly rear-ended by the man's sports utility vehicle. The SUV then sped away. The patrol car pursued the SUV until it stopped at a rest area, where the driver decided to flee on foot.

After a six-hour search, the driver was located and apprehended with the help of county members, the highway patrol and a helicopter from the state's law enforcement division. He was charged with multiple violations, including reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, and causing personal injury after the trooper sustained minor injuries.

Although Columbia and Richland County residents often hear about drunk driving and distracted driving as the primary cause of car accidents, this recent case shows that blatant disregard for traffic regulations can still have the same effect. Fortunately for the trooper involved in the accident, he only sustained minor injuries.

Things often turn catastrophic if a driver disregards road rules and motorist safety. A Columbia and Richland County resident who suffers injuries because of another person's negligence can hold that person liable through a personal injury lawsuit. A car accident victim can also be eligible for compensation if he or she files the lawsuit.

Source: WLTX, "Deputies: Man Rear-Ends SCHP Cruiser, Drives Off," Derry London, Sep. 25, 2013

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